Experiences that you'll remember for a lifetime!

Tinos is an island that travelers choose again and again thanks to its unique beauty, the tranquility it offers and
the various experiences you can have there. Hiking, climbing and water sports for those who want to try something
extreme on their vacation, walk in the traditional villages of the island and high gastronomy for those who prefer
relaxation. Choose Aeolos Bay for your vacation and live unique moments.

Hiking & climbing

Due to it’s morphology, Tinos is suitable for hiking or climbing. This way you will get to know some of the most magical images of the island. If you prefer hiking you can choose some of the ten routes available. If climbing attracts you more, Tinos is a well-known climbing destination with various points for safe climbing or bouldering.

Traditional villages

You will have the most beautiful strolls at Tinos villages , which are known for their picturesque, their classic Cycladic architecture and their spectacular character. Falatados , Volakas , Pirgos, Panormos and Kardiani are some of the “must-see” villages , in order to walk on their paved roads and enjoy the view.


Tinos, due to traditional gastronomy, there is a wide variety of local products and recipes. Furtalia (traditional omelet with potatoes), homemade cheese, spicy mizithra-cheese, sweet cheese pies, fresh fish and raki which is considered the local drink of Tinos.

Water sports

For the sea lovers and water sports Tinos or otherwise the Island of Aeolos is the appropriate destination. The climate of the island is ideal for surfing. But you can do other activities in the water such as diving, water skiing, paragliding.

Organizing events

Tinos has become a very popular destination for those who want to organize a wedding or a baptism on a Greek island. The blue-white colors of Cyclades in combination with the character of the island create the perfect scenery. Aeolos Bay works with external partners to organize with you the fulfillment of your dreams. Contact us for more information.

Organizing excursions

Tinos has unique beauty and is worth exploring. The ideal way to discover the island is to rent a boat and visit places and beaches that are unknown to many as access is available only from the sea. You can contact us for more information and clarifications, as our external partners will provide you the chance for a unique experience.